APDS Support Groups

APDS Support Groups

This program is designed to assist men and women with anger, violence and substance abuse issues in developing tools, coping skills and techniques that promote improved family, relational and societal functioning.


Program Goal

To assist men and women with positive personal development. We provide a place where men and women can gather, share, seek information and gain insight.


Counseling, Support and Open Discussions

  • This is an open group
  • Curriculum Based: Anger Management, Parenting (Real Fathers Real Men), Relapse Prevention, Goal Setting, Employment Assistance, Time and Financial Management, Holistic Health, Roots of Violence Education, etc.
  • Community and Cultural Support
  • Help with Personal and Emotional Issues
  • Health Screenings
  • STD/HIV Education
  • GED Placement
  • Career Planning and Resumes
  • Job Placement Assistance (after program)
  • Referrals and Wrap Around Services
  • Guest Speakers

Client’s that complete this program will gain an appropriate understanding of how their negative behaviors have impacted their own lives, their family’s lives, and the community. Clients will develop AOD refusal skills, and coping skills. These men will develop strong time management skills and learn to set healthy and appropriate boundaries and goals to assist them with life sustainability. Clients will recognize their own self worth as a man or woman, as a father and/or mother, and as a member of their own community.
This program will assist men and women with interviewing skills, and job readiness, clients will learn to dress for interviews as well as develop resumes. We will also assist with job search after the client has mastered his resume and interviewing processes.
This program is free to the participants and offered on an “as needed” basis.

WHERE: APDS Inc., 1409 East Livingston Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43205.

WHO: All Adult Men and Women in Franklin County (any man or woman who needs positive male or female development) Must be at least 18 years old to attend.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact John Williams, CDCA, RA, OCPSA at 614-253-4448.