Family Awareness and Support Resource Center for SUD

Healing is a Family Affair

Do you feel like you’re losing your family?
Has a loved one’s lost of control due to substance abuse created an unstable environment for you? Do you
feel like you’re losing yourself?

We hear you, fam. Your loved one may be fighting addiction. But, like all families, you are fighting right along with them. As we support the addict in your life, know that APDS is also here to support YOU.

Who We Are

The Africentric Personal Development Shop (APDS) is a center focused on behavioral health. Alongside treating people with behavioral health issues, we help their families cope and move forward.

APDS knows how alcohol and other substance abuse devastates families. Intense stress. Unstable living. High anxiety. Families of addicts experience all the dysfunction. You have been through it. But APDS has got you from here.

How APDS Helps

Our center provides quality, evidence-based counseling and educa on services to address addiction in families. Our approach to family support and awareness is:

Our Family Awareness and Support Resource Office for SUD

We Are Family!

Your family just got bigger. Consider the APDS team
your brothers and sisters in the fight against addiction.

“If you can learn to love the imperfect people in your family

then it’s possible that someone can learn to love an imperfect you.”  – Anonymous